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Suicide Clean Up

Bio Hazard Plus is a well-recognized leader in suicide clean up and bioremediation industry, offering top-of-the-line professional suicide cleanup services. For more than 20 years our team of suicide  cleanup (biohazard remediation) specialists have been providing 24 hour biohazard recovery services such as death cleanup, suicide cleanupblood cleanup, and biohazard removal cleanup, to families and businesses throughout the U.S. We handle every aspect of suicide cleanups. Our professional staff specialize in working with law enforcement agencies, fire departments, morgues, hospitals, hotels, and motels, churches, communities, and other private agencies.

Losing a loved one to suicide or homicide can be a very traumatic experience.  Our licensed team of experts discreetly remediates residences, businesses, and other affected scenes with sensitivity and safety.  With a passion for our practice, Bio Hazard Plus supports families and business owners impacted by suicide or homicide by carefully removing biological contamination from blood and bodily fluids after a homicide, suicide, or attempted suicide.

With a two-hour response time, our technicians arrive in unmarked vehicles and we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Take heart and breathe again knowing you’re in the right care with Bio Hazard Plus.

Residential, business, industrial or commercial—we are passionate about providing quality remediation services and our trained technicians install advanced safety measures to ease your mind. Our professional care consultants are here to help.  

We help mitigate the concerns through our effective process. ATP testing allows us to measure cell activity and bloodborne pathogens. When the test registers completely zero RLU (registered light units), we become satisfied with the outcome. Our licensed team of biohazard experts has been trained to assist with the suicide cleanup of biohazards sensitively and discreetly in homes, offices, and other affected places to keep everyone safe. At Bio Hazard Plus, we support families and business owners impacted by trauma events, rebuilding the community one person at a time.


Expert Services and Accreditations

Hire the most competent, licensed specialists with ongoing training:

  • Up-to-code standards and processes for rehabilitating contaminated spaces
  • IICRC trained remediation and cleaning of any trauma scene
  • Safe hazmat cleaning and protocols to comply with OSHA guidelines
  • Ongoing training in Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Material (BOPIM) standards
  • Accredited in rigorous State of California Trauma Scene response
  • Certified as Waste Management Practitioners
  • Use industry-standard personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Accredited A+ rating with the California Better Business Bureau


  • Every situation is unique so we ask that you first provide us with photos of the affected areas or get an in-person assessment.  After we evaluate the scene, we will give you an estimate and provide you with a Service Agreement.
  • Biohazards and biological threats from blood and bodily fluids spread quickly. Our biohazard remediation technicians contain the area and conduct safety procedures to avoid any cross-contamination.
  • Our skilled technicians remove the contamination from the surface area such as blood, bodily fluids and any additional remains, and determine what can be safely salvaged and what must be safely disposed of. 
  • Next, our technicians safely dispose of the hazardous materials in biohazard waste bags or containers and the hazardous materials are disposed of as medical waste in compliance with OSHA guidelines.
  • Our technicians then clean and apply a disinfectant.  After sanitizing the area, the team neutralizes any odors in the air by using a HEPA filtration system and hydroxyl machine.
  • The last step includes a thorough, final inspection and walk-thru of the area and requires the customer or the customers agent to sign-off on the completed services.  To ensure the safety of our valued customers we strongly recommend that no one be in the property or area during the cleanup and at least 2 hours after the cleanup has been completed.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to remediate a suicide or homicide scene?

We can act in as quickly as two hours, but some scenes require several days to remediate depending on the affected scene and nature of the homicide, suicide, or attempted suicide.

Who pays for suicide and homicide cleanup? 

Most crime scene and accident cleanup services—including blood and bodily fluid removal—are covered by homeowner, automobile, or other common insurance policies. Some families and friends pay out of pocket as well.

Is a homicide and a suicide scene safe for me and my family to be around? 

Crime and trauma scenes pose serious health risks from bodily fluids, contamination, and blood-borne disease. We stress the importance of hiring certified professionals to clean, sanitize, and deodorize the space securely and safely.

Are there any remnants of biohazard in the air? 

We use a thorough, three-point system to remove these airborne hazards:

1. Examination ensures we remove every trace of biological contamination.

2. Removal with air scrubbing machines eliminates invisible threats.

3. Use of hydroxyl machines takes out remaining hazards from the air.

How long does it take for the smell to leave? 

With the use of a hydroxyl machine and HEPA air filter, ventilation and deodorization of the area sometimes takes several days depending on the source of the odor. We use a HEPA air filter and a hydroxyl machine and well ventilate the area and it could take several days to fully subside. 

Restore Scene with Compassion

When cleaning a trauma scene after a homicide or suicide, the emotional strain for loved ones can be overwhelming.  Our team of professionally trained biohazard technicians are mindful of this and empathetic to the needs of our customers.  We make every effort to discreetly provide our customers with swift, thorough and expert cleanup and removal services in an effort to lighten the load and restore the scene with compassion and care.  Call us now to speak with one of our professional care consultants.    

Bio Hazard Plus, Rebuilding Communities with Compassion One Person at a Time!

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