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What Our Clients Are Saying

I own a chemical factory, and a few months back, one of my personnel accidentally mishandled the chemical, and his body got burned. I called 911 and called for an ambulance. I had Bio Hazard Plus's number on my cellphone, and I immediately called them to clean up the chemical as its fumes can be harmful to others as well. Their professionals arrived, and they were fully equipped. They did an amazing job.

- William P (NC) CEO

My close relative committed suicide recently. She shot herself and died on the spot. I thought to call a professional cleaning up service so we can get rid of blood spots. I searched on google and came across Bio Hazard Plus, they amazingly cleaned everything, and within a few hours, we all could not see a single sign of blood.

- David W (MA) CEO

I own a factory, and I urgently need a service that can prevent the transmission of communicable diseases. The head of my occupational and safety department suggested Bio Hazard Plus. The most outstanding thing about them was their punctuality. Their team arrived on time and did a tremendous job. I look forward to calling them in the future as well.

- Richard B (NY) CEO

I work in a law enforcement agency, and I just visited their office to learn about their work as I am thinking of taking retirement and working with them. They are really professional, and their services are up-to-the-mark. I enquired about each and everything and concluded that it's one of the finest crime scene clean-up services in the United States.

– Joseph R (RI) CEO

They are amazing, and their way of working is different from others. They have excellent customer support and workers. I am really happy that I gave my business to them.

– Andrew R (IL) CEO

My friend's relative died after falling from the roof of his house. It was an accident, and after a police investigation, we called Bio Hazard Plus. They did a tremendous job, and their staff members were highly efficient and professional.

– Isabella D (HI) CEO

I am a property manager in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. I am extremely grateful for Bio Hazard Plus, they came on a moment notice and done an excellent job for our company. A Hoarding Cleaning and replaced the carpet in two units and, sanitize, disinfect, removed away all trash. They cleaned all areas that needed personal attention. I was very impressed with the staff efficient and professional manner, an approach that only inspired confidence that generated the results we were looking for. They listened to what we needed and gave very good recommendations. Their work was exceptional and I would definitely use them again. Thank you Bio Hazard Plus for your excellent care!

-Beverly A (CA) CEO