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Extensive Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Did you know that nearly half a million structure fires were reported in the U.S. last year? That means at least one of them breaks out somewhere in the country every 24 seconds. They are to blame for thousands of injuries and fatalities, to say nothing of billions of dollars in property loss. Notwithstanding this deeply shocking statistic, we need to face it – you can’t always be prepared for a fire and have an extinguisher within your hand’s reach. Sometimes, when it happens to you and your home, the best you can do is save yourself and your loved ones by leaving the building. Your life is worth way more than your property, especially when the latter can be professionally returned to the pre-accident condition with Bio Hazard Plus, one of the most trusted fire damage restoration companies in the U.S.

We’ve been around for 20 years dealing with the devastating consequences of residential, commercial, and industrial fires in California and beyond. By dint of our lifelong commitment to helping others, Bio Hazard Plus has established an unrivaled reputation that will never stop growing. Our fire and smoke restoration crews are made up of accomplished specialists who know what steps need to be taken to save your belongings and ‘revive’ your gutted property.


What to do if there’s a fire inside?


Remember, if a fire spreads through your house or business premises, there’s no time to waste on the moments of heroism. When it gets out of control, you should immediately evacuate yourself and those whose lives may be in danger. Never try to investigate a fierce blaze and put it out using stuff that turns out to be at hand. Instead, raise the alarm and take the shortest escape route to make your way outside and dial 911.

After it is extinguished and poses no threat to you, let certified fire restoration contractors like us help you get back on track. We are available day and night for emergency cases, so you no longer need to wait too long to have your property returned to what it’s been like before the mishap. As part of our fire restoration services, you will get your house or commercial facility cleaned out and completely recovered. And that’s without charging you sky-high prices!


What’s included in our professional fire restoration services?


At Bio Hazard Plus, we have everything that drastic times call for. By using state-of-the-art equipment and dependable techniques, we make sure the remediation process is over in the shortest time possible. Plus, our range of capabilities is much more extensive than that of other fire restoration companies. Not only are we perfectly competent to handle the effects of all accident types (kitchen fires, warehouse fires, etc.), but also, we can deal with any kind of damage – be it a hole in the roof or wall stains.

We will start your fire damage restoration project by assessing how severely your house or industrial facility has been affected. Knowing the square footage of the place that needs a recovery touch, how badly its structure is damaged, and other details will help us determine the necessary amount of work. This kind of assessment is also crucial for insurance purposes. Thus, we can team up with your insurance company and provide loss specialists with recorded information for further coverage.


 After the damage is assessed, we will:


Check the building from the outside. Safety always comes first. That’s why our technicians will make sure it’s safe to work inside before carrying out any sort of fire or smoke damage restoration. We’ll look for foundation cracks, holes, missing beams, and broken gas lines in the first place.

Remove soot. A fire can take its toll on your property even after it has been put out. The thing is that soot may spread to every room of your house, thereby causing discoloration, and making air quality worse and worse. We’ll get rid of it as well as scattered debris immediately.

Stop mold growth. Professional fire restoration should involve mold and mildew prevention as a matter of course. Even if your pipes haven’t been damaged, and no water has been accumulated in your house after a fire, the extinguishing process may still have caused the growth of fungi. Fortunately, you can leave this to us, too.

Clean it up. With Bio Hazard Plus, you will get your furniture and carpets removed, floor scrubbed, and everything else that has been damaged by smoke refinished. During the clean-up, we will also eliminate the bacteria and sanitize the area so that it’s an absolutely safe place again.

Remove odors. After a fire, unpleasant odors are likely to linger inside. Don’t fret about that, though. We will take care of the air quality by removing all stuff that may keep the trapped smoke and then applying special deodorizing agents. Making sure your property is odorless is just as important part of house fire damage restoration as getting rid of soot.

Make necessary repairs. Paint blisters on the walls and multiple ceiling stains are only a few of the many effects that follow fire events. But our smoke and fire restoration crews can fix virtually everything, except the stuff that turns out to be beyond repair. We will help you with refinishing, stripping, sanding, and more.


Expert Services and Accreditations

Hire the most competent, industry-licensed specialists with ongoing training:

·       Up-to-code standards and processes for rehabilitating contaminated spaces

·       IICRC trained remediation and cleaning of any trauma scene

·       Safe hazmat cleaning and protocols to comply with OSHA guidelines

·       Ongoing training in Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Material (BOPIM) standards

·       Accredited in rigorous State of California Trauma Scene response

·       Certified as Waste Management Practitioners

·       Use industry-standard personal protective equipment (PPE)

·       Accredited A+ rating with the California Better Business Bureau

·       Over 20 years of experience providing bioremediation services in various locations across the US

How Our Deep Cleaning Service Works

After contacting us for your free consultation, a team of cleaning technicians will assess the situation. Once a plan of action is determined, the remediation process will begin.

Arriving dressed in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), our team of cleaning professionals will begin to remove certain porous items for laundering, such as fabrics and cloth material. They will then apply our EPA-approved products and chemicals to the remaining porous and non-porous materials. The application of industrial-strength, virucidal cleaning products is executed following OSHA regulations and CDC recommendations, with some material ultimately discarded as biohazard waste.

After the sanitation of your entire space is complete, teams will work to deodorize the area using a HEPA filtration system in conjunction with a hydroxyl machine. These tools create reactive molecules that essentially eliminate the volatile compounds from the air – the source of the odors left by chemical cleaning products.

Once finished with the remediation process, we will take a final walk-through of the property with you. The walk-through allows you to voice your concerns or ask any questions about the decontamination process. Our lead technician will then provide you coronavirus cleaning advice to help you throughout the ongoing pandemic – minimizing the risk of future exposure.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the COVID-19 virus detected on various surfaces and materials?

Our cleaning technicians use an ATP meter to analyze surfaces and materials throughout your property to detect the presence of COVID-19. ATP is an enzyme present in all organic matter – including blood, saliva, and bacteria.

How long does the Coronavirus remediation process take?

While every case will vary due to numerous factors such as the size, furnishings, and layout of the property, our team of professionals is available 24/7 to provide immediate consultation and service. Cleaning services are executed in a time-sensitive manner, allowing you to return to using your space as intended as soon as possible.

Is Coronavirus removal covered by my personal or business insurance?

While some insurance plans cover COVID-19 cleaning services, not all providers offer the same coverage. In many cases, biohazard remediation services – especially those involving a global viral pandemic – will need to be paid out-of-pocket by individuals or business owners.

How can you ensure the safety of the cleaning products used in the remediation process?

All the products used in the decontamination cleaning process for COVID-19 are EPA-registered and CDC-approved, letting you rest easy knowing we only use products approved for public safety. The remediation products are found in households and hospitals alike and are used in accordance with Public Health Department safety guidelines.

How long will I need to wait after cleaning before my space is ready for its intended purpose?

Once your space has gone through our complete remediation process, it will be ready for use after just a few hours. Unique stipulations may be applied, depending on the details of your case.

Remediating Your Space Quickly and Efficiently

At Bio Hazard Plus, we understand how difficult is to happily and healthily navigate through a global pandemic – especially when our colleagues and loved ones are involved. We don’t just claim to restore properties to a healthy condition – we follow through to the highest standard. From the second you know your space has been exposed to COVID-19 to the end of the decontamination process, Bio Hazard Plus is here to provide service the only way we know how – professional, discrete, and thorough. Call us now to speak to one of our remediation experts for an immediate consultation. We offer Bioremediation services in California, Georgia, and Illinois. To find a location near you, call us at 866-936-1112.


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