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North Dakota Biohazard & Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Crime Scene Clean Up North Dakota

Bio Hazard Plus is the nation’s well-recognized leader in crime scene clean up and bioremediation industry, offering top-of-the-line professional crime scene cleanup services. For more than 20 years our team of crime scene cleanup (biohazard remediation) specialists has been providing 24-hour crime scene cleanup services such as vehicle theft recovery cleanup, suicide cleanupblood cleanup, and biohazard cleanup, to families and businesses throughout the U.S. We handle every aspect of crime scene cleanups. Our professional staff specializes in working with law enforcement agencies, fire departments, morgues, hospitals, hotels, motels, churches, communities, and other private agencies.


Experiencing trauma or a crime scene can be an emotional and taxing experience. Because of this, at Bio Hazard Plus, our teams prioritize compassion, communication, and your well-being above all else.

It is important to handle crime scenes carefully. Improper blood and bodily fluids treatment can result in extreme safety and health risks, at times resulting in property damage. A topical solution is not enough for any affected area for disinfection. In certain areas, blood gets absorbed underneath the carpets and floor. It leads to unpleasant odors and the emergence of harmful bacteria.


We help mitigate the concerns through our effective process. ATP testing allows us to measure cell activity and bloodborne pathogens. When the test registers completely zero RLU (registered light units), we become satisfied with the outcome. Our licensed team of crime scene cleaners experts have been trained to assist with the clean up of crime scene or trauma sites sensitively and discreetly in homes, offices, and other affected places to keep everyone safe. At Bio Hazard Plus, we support families and business owners impacted by trauma events, rebuilding the community one person at a time.

Common Types of Crime Scenes, Trauma & Biohazards 

  • Automobiles, trains, buses accident clean ups
  • Biohazard clean up services
  • Biohazard disinfection
  • Blood clean up services
  • Bodily fluids clean up services
  • Trauma clean up services
  • Crime scene cleaners
  • Biological clean up services
  • Workplace accidents clean up
  • Aftermath clean up services
  • Homicide clean up services
  • Sudden death clean up services
  • Suicide clean up services

 Our Expert Services

Hire the most competent, licensed specialists with ongoing training to remediate:

·         Up-to-code standards and processes for cleaning contaminated spaces to ensure safety

·         IICRC trained remediation and cleaning of any crime scene

·         Safe hazmat cleaning and protocols using industry-standard personal protective equipment (PPE) that complies with OSHA guidelines

·         Ongoing training in Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Material (BOPIM) standards

·         Accreditation in rigorous State of California Trauma Scene response

·         Certified Waste Management Practitioners

·         Accredited A+ rating with the California Better Business

·         Over 20 years of experience providing bioremediation services in various locations across the US

Our Process

  • We handle traumatic situations with the utmost care for your wellbeing and safety. We know that every situation is unique, so we ask that you first provide us with photos of the affected areas or get an in-person assessment. After we evaluate the scene, we will give you a complete estimate and timeline for full clean up and biohazard waste removal.
  • With a two-hour response time, our technicians will arrive in unmarked vehicles to begin. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At Bio Hazard Plus, we are always ready to help, no matter when you need us. 
  • Biohazards resulting from blood and bodily fluids spread quickly, so our technicians work to contain the area and conduct safety procedures to avoid anything which might pose a risk for you, your loved ones, or others in the area.
  • We carefully remove biological contamination from blood, remains, and bodily fluids from trauma, suicide, or homicide sites. Our crime scene cleaners technicians clear away everything and help you determine what can be salvaged and what needs to be safely disposed of. Then, we take care of that disposal in compliance with OSHA guidelines.
  • Once everything has been cleared away, we clean and apply a disinfectant. After sanitizing the area, the team neutralizes any odors in the air using a HEPA filtration system and hydroxyl machine.
  • Finally, we provide a thorough inspection and walkthrough of the area. We'll ask that you accompany our team and sign off on our completed services. To ensure the safety of you and anyone else in the area, we strongly recommend that no one be on the property during the cleanup and wait to enter until at least two hours after the clean up has been completed to return.
  • Afterward, our crime scene cleaners staff specialists work with you to help navigate your insurance procedures to provide complete closure, so you can begin the process of healing. 

Our Payment Process

Bio Hazard Plus also takes the responsibility of navigating the insurance process whenever needed, so you can take whatever time you need for yourself to cope and heal. Most trauma and crime scene clean ups are covered by auto, home, and commercial insurance, but we will work with your insurance company to file the correct claims. 

Bio Hazard Plus is Here for You

We are here to help alleviate the stress of tragic events because we understand the emotional strain for loved ones can be overwhelming. Residential, business, industrial, or commercial--we are passionate about providing quality clean up services, so you can focus on processing this difficult time. 

Our crime scene cleaners professional care consultants are mindful of the psychological impact and are always here to help. We make every effort to provide our customers with swift, thorough, and expert clean up and removal services to lighten the load and restore the scene with compassion and care. 

Purpose Of Crime Scene Remediation

Although crime scene remediation may seem similar to standard cleaning, on the contrary, both are extremely different. Crime & biohazard cleaning removes, cleans and disinfects bodily fluids, blood and any harmful pathogens present in the affected areas after an incident has taken place. The high exposure risk to bloodborne pathogens and biohazard clean up requires proper equipment, training, licensing and certification.

Our nationwide crime scene remediation process is designed to protect our clients and their property's safety and health. We never compromise on adhering to the highest standards of crime scene & biohazard cleanup to ensure optimal protection. Our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction through our services.

Crime Scene Clean up Nationwide

We specialize in crime scene disinfection, hoarding removal, and clean up processes that eliminates all the potential harmful viruses, pathogens and biohazards from the affected area. Our goal is to ensure that the property is restored to its livable and safe state, and we service all the states and cities throughout the USA.

Why Choose Us for Crime Scene Clean up?

Bio Hazard Plus offers quality biohazard clean up and crime scene clean up services throughout United States unlike any other. Our nationwide team of industry experts, due to their extensive experience, and utilization of advanced equipment, allows us to do the job thoroughly and with precision. We follow a proper step-by-step procedure that protects your property’s condition and your health from any safety risks

Our nationwide exceptional team is capable of handling every case with professionalism, compassion and optimal efficiency. If you want to avail yourself of our nationwide services, we are only a call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to clean up a trauma or crime scene?


We can act in as quickly as two hours, but some scenes require several days to thoroughly disinfect depending on the property and the nature of the trauma or crime.


Who pays for trauma or crime scene clean up?


Most crime scene and accident clean up services--including blood and bodily fluid removal--are covered by homeowner, automobile, or other common insurance policies. 

Is a crime scene or trauma scene safe for me to be around?


Trauma and crime scene pose serious health risks from bodily fluids and disease. We cannot stress the importance enough of hiring professionals to clean, sanitize, and deodorize the space to ensure the health and safety of you, your loved ones, or your employees. 


Police and other law enforcement agencies may also ask you to exit the property until they have finished conducting their investigation. Bio Hazard Plus works with law enforcement to ensure that they have everything they need. 

Are there any remnants of biohazard in the air?


Yes. We use a comprehensive, three-point system to remove these airborne hazards:

  • Examination ensures we remove every trace of biological contamination.
  • Removal with air scrubbing machines eliminates invisible threats.
  • The use of hydroxyl machines takes out remaining dangers from the air.


   Bio Hazard Plus, Rebuilding Communities with Compassion One Person at a Time!

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What our clients
are saying

I own a chemical factory, and a few months back, one of my personnel accidentally mishandled the chemical, and his body got burned. I called 911 and called for an ambulance. I had Bio Hazard Plus's number on my cellphone, and I immediately called them to clean up the chemical as its fumes can be harmful to others as well. Their professionals arrived, and they were fully equipped. They did an amazing job.

- William P (NC)


My close relative committed suicide recently. She shot herself and died on the spot. I thought to call a professional cleaning up service so we can get rid of blood spots. I searched on google and came across Bio Hazard Plus, they amazingly cleaned everything, and within a few hours, we all could not see a single sign of blood.

- David W (MA)


I own a factory, and I urgently need a service that can prevent the transmission of communicable diseases. The head of my occupational and safety department suggested Bio Hazard Plus. The most outstanding thing about them was their punctuality. Their team arrived on time and did a tremendous job. I look forward to calling them in the future as well.

- Richard B (NY)


I work in a law enforcement agency, and I just visited their office to learn about their work as I am thinking of taking retirement and working with them. They are really professional, and their services are up-to-the-mark. I enquired about each and everything and concluded that it's one of the finest crime scene clean-up services in the United States.

– Joseph R (RI)


They are amazing, and their way of working is different from others. They have excellent customer support and workers. I am really happy that I gave my business to them.

– Andrew R (IL)


My friend's relative died after falling from the roof of his house. It was an accident, and after a police investigation, we called Bio Hazard Plus. They did a tremendous job, and their staff members were highly efficient and professional.

– Isabella D (HI)


I am a property manager in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. I am extremely grateful for Bio Hazard Plus, they came on a moment notice and done an excellent job for our company. A Hoarding Cleaning and replaced the carpet in two units and, sanitize, disinfect, removed away all trash. They cleaned all areas that needed personal attention. I was very impressed with the staff efficient and professional manner, an approach that only inspired confidence that generated the results we were looking for. They listened to what we needed and gave very good recommendations. Their work was exceptional and I would definitely use them again. Thank you Bio Hazard Plus for your excellent care!

-Beverly A (CA)