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"I am a property manager in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. I am extremely grateful for Bio Hazard Plus, they came on a moment notice and done an excellent job for our company. A Hoarding Cleaning and replaced the carpet in two units and, sanitize, disinfect, removed away all trash. They cleaned all areas that needed personal attention. I was very impressed with the staff efficient and professional manner, an approach that only inspired confidence that generated the results we were looking for. They listened to what we needed and gave very good recommendations. Their work was exceptional and I would definitely use them again.

Thank you Bio Hazard Plus for your excellent care!"

-Beverly A.

Bio Hazard Plus, Extreme Clean Up Guaranteed Response

Biohazard Plus, Extreme Cleanup crew members are sensitive when dealing with you during your most stressful time and will always respond expeditiously to your call for assistance. Our California, Georgia staff is comprised of caring extreme cleanup professionals who can and will help families deal with these sensitive type of situations.

California, Georgia we provide free estimates and will contact your homeowner’s, commercial, or automobile insurance company in order to provide you with the highest amount of savings possible.

We are a BBB accredited company and invite you to Contact Us directly in order to schedule your free onsite consultation and estimate today! Call 866.936.1112 Extreme Cleanup. Visit us at www.biohazardplus.com

Extreme Cleanup

Welcome to the home of California, Georgia Biohazard Plus, Extreme Cleanup professional cleaning (biohazard remediation) services. For more than 15 years our team of extreme 

cleanup (biohazard remediation) specialist been providing 24 hour extreme cleanup services such as biohazard cleanup, filth cleanup, and trash cleanup to families and businesses throughout the San Francisco and Bay Area, San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Central Valley, California, Georgia, USA cities, to handle every aspect of your residential or commercial hazardous cleanups. Our California, Georgia staff specializes in working with homeowners to deal with emotionally traumatic experiences and assisting them in navigating their homeowner’s and/or automobile insurance to provide thorough distressed property cleanup and emotional closure so that you can move on with your life. 

Tragedies such as extreme, filth, blood, filth, hoarding are life events that most human beings are not fully prepared to handle. Blood, tissue, animal carcasses, bodily fluid, and remains are considered to be biohazardous and can oftentimes be very dangerous to the health and well-being of yourself and your family or employees. The unsafe nature of a extreme cleanup, bodily fluid cleanup, filth and hoarding cleanup make it strongly recommended that only adequately trained and certified exteme cleanup (biohazard remediation) professionals remove and dispose of hazardous debris as medical waste.

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